I enjoyed Peter's class, learned a lot. Signing up for next Wednesday.
Margaux O.
I attended Tiffany's Advanced Pilates: It was a great workout, the amount of perspiration on me was like doing cardio. I indeed could feel my waistline on day 2 after Pilates class. Day 1 was a day of muscle aches. Great for toning body!
Elaine C.
I never thought that I'd attend an exercise session with my mum because of her multiple back problems and knee ailments but @advantagepilatessg made it happen.
Eliz X.
I love Pilates and my favourite instructor Serene Teo.
Eliz X.
Thanks, Tiffany. I enjoyed the combo teacher class.
Margaux O.
Great and precise cueing. Instructor pushed us well!
Tanya A.
Hi Tiffany. Thank you for a good ab and butt workout!
Margaux O.
Thank you for not 'killing' me. Had fun. Its been sooooo long!
Joanna P.
Loved the class today! Interactive, instructor's personality makes it fun. Different experience from just watching videos. Having a mini table to prop up the laptop helps.
Elaine C.
Thanks Maria, it was a great workout today. Feels so good after Pilates.
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