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Movement Heals

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Move with Purpose

An experience that attends to your body with great detail and care.

Our Online and On-site platform aims to move you forward with grace and purpose.

Fitness and wellness

Our Services

Online Private Classes

Customised one to one online private pilates sessions suitable for your own fitness level and your own goal. Choose your most convenient time slot subject to Instructor's availability.

Online Group Classes

Enjoy the benefits of group fitness and stay on track with your weekly routine with our group pilates classes.

Corporate Pilates Classes & Workshops

Group Pilates Classes and Workshops for Schools, Institutions, Companies, which can both be done ONLINE or at your OWN premises/ preferred location. Varied Classes and Workshops are available according to your preferences.

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Sports Massage Therapy

Book your Sports Massage Therapist online according to your convenience at your OWN preferred location. Sports Massage therapy is customised according to your health and physical condition. Sports Massage helps to treat and prevent musculoskeletal injuries and alleviate pain. It also mobilises the joints, enhance muscle performance and boost overall athletic performance.

Sale of Pilates Props and Tools

For your Basic Pilates needs: Pilates Toe Socks, Foam Rollers, Pilates Mats, Pilates Rings/ Circles, Resistance Bands, Coin Tissues (To clean your Mats/ Equipments/ Tools). Discounts available for Bulk Order!

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USANA Nutrition and Skin Care

Order your High-Quality Science-Based Usana Supplements and Skin Care Products from us: Nutritional Supplements, Skin Care Products, Food and Energy Drinks, Healthy Living Lifestyle Products. Please email us at

How it Works
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Choose from over 40 classes a week with our experienced Pilates instructors!

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If you are new here, create your own profile.To serve you better, please diligently answer all the forms.

Step 3: Receive Exclusive Access

We email you a unique link for exclusive access to your class.
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Step 4: Enjoy Moving

Grab a mat, a thick towel, some water and start moving with us!

Tip: Place your laptop/ mobile device at least 1.5m away from your mat so we can see you move.
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Simple Stretch Routines to Try

Chair Stretches
Care for your feet
6 min Warm-up
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